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calendula flowers in a basket

Disclosure: None of the products here are intended as prescriptions for the treatment of health problems. Herbs must be used with knowledge and discretion, and we cannot be responsible for individual responses to their use. Please consult a health practicioner before use. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Dry Bulk Herbs A–L

We strive for only the highest quality, fair-trade, organic herbs we can find. This list is always growing and changing so call for current prices.

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How Grown
of Herb
Amount and Price
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Alfalfa       organic    cut & sift
Anise Seed organic whole seed
Arrowroot organic powdered
Ashwagandha organic
Astragalus Root organic cut & sift
Barberry Root wildcrafted cut & sift
Bath Salt Blend wildcrafted salt granules
Bayberry Root Bark wildcrafted cut & sift
Bilberry Fruit organic whole berry
Black Haw wildcrafted cut & sift
Black Walnut
(adults only)
wildcrafted powdered hull
Bladderwrack wildcrafted cut & sift
Blessed Thistle organic cut & sift
Blood Root wildcrafted whole
Boneset wildcrafted cut & sift
Borage organic cut & sift
Burdock Root organic cut & sift
Calendula Flowers organic whole flower
Cardamom Seed green/organic whole
Cascara Bark
wildcrafted cut & sift
Catnip organic cut & sift
Chamomile Flowers organic whole
Chaparral Leaves wildcrafted cut & sift
Chaste Tree Berry
organic whole berry
Cinnamon Sticks organic whole
Clay, Bentonite wildcrafted powder
Clay, Kaolin White wildcrafted powder
Clove Bud organic whole
Coltsfoot wildcrafted cut & sift
Comfrey Leaves organic cut & sift
Comfrey Root organic cut & sift
Crampbark wildcrafted cut & sift
Damiana organic cut & sift
Devil's Club root/bark wildcrafted cut & sift
Dong Quai organic root palm slices
Elderberry wildcrafted whole berry
Elder Blossoms organic whole flower
Elecampane organic cut & sift
Eleutherococcus Root
Siberian Ginseng
Eyebright organic powder
False Unicorn Root wildcrafted cut & sift
Fennel Seed organic whole
Fenugreek Seed commercial whole flower
Ginger Root organic cut & sift
Ginkgo wildcrafted cut & sift
Goldenseal, Powder organic root powder
Goldenseal, Root organic cut & sift
Gotu Kola organic cut & sift
Gravel Root wildcrafted cut & sift
Hawthorne Berries organic/
whole berry
Henna (for hair) black PPO-FREE
Henna (for hair) red PPO-FREE
Hibiscus Flowers organic cut & sift
Hops organic whole
Horehound organic cut & sift
Horse Chestnut organic cut & sift
Juniper Berries organic whole berries
Kava Kava commercial powder
Lavender Flowers organic food grade whole flower
Lemon Balm organic cut & sift
Lemongrass organic cut & sift
Lemon Verbena organic cut & sift
Licorice Root organic
Linden Flowers organic cut & sift
Lobelia wildcrafted cut & sift