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Denise Joy, sole proprietor of Mount Spirit Herbals LLC, has owned this small herbal company since 1985.

Disclosure: None of the products here are intended as prescriptions for the treatment of health problems. Herbs must be used with knowledge and discretion, and we cannot be responsible for individual responses to their use. Please consult a health practicioner before use. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Welcome to Mountain Spirit Herbals


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Dear Friends, yurt at Mountain Spirit Herbals

We think growing our herbs is as important as growing our food. Here at Mountain Spirit we grow lots of the products used in our oils, balms and tinctures, and also a few of our dry herbs.

When we produce our products, almost everything is processed for at least six weeks. Most herbs are fresh—especially with our oils and balms—and we often make them super-concentrated by double infusing our plant material. We do not standardize any of our mixes, allowing the plants to gift us with their full beneficial properties. All our products are made in
very small amounts, always as fresh as we can make it.

Come visit us at our workshop at the yurt in Port Townsend, our local Farmer’s Market, some of the craft fairs, or online. We love hearing from you and look forward to serving you.

I still have to supplement my harvest with high-quality herbs organically grown by other farmers, or wildcrafted both in our local region and elsewhere.


Thank you for supporting local, sustainable, small companies. I hope to hear from you, as I look forward to the time spent
with all my customers.

I am also available for herbal consultations. I can work over the phone or in person. Each consultation takes about one hour and is paid for by your donation (suggested donations $10 to $100).
Feel free to phone for an appointment—360-385-4491

With the warmest blessings,
Denise Joy


Mountain Spirit Has A Tractor!

For over three decades, Mountain Spirit has been creating and supplying herbal products to its customers, in both our local community and communities across the United States. The demand for natural herbal remedies continues to grow, and so has the demand for sustainably created products.

As the gardens grew (and the farmer got older!) tilling the land by hand had become increasingly difficult. To continue to create herbal products from herbs grown on the land in Port Townsend WA, using organic farming techniques, more land needed to be put into production. In order to expand the gardens, the help of farming equipment was needed.

Kubota tractorThanks to the generosity of our friends and supporters ... we now have a tractor! This is the new addition to our family, our very own Kubota B7300. We are humbled and grateful and can only pay it forward by continuing to provide quality products at reasonable prices. We are still in need of a backhoe, tiller and box scraper, but in time we’ll add these to our growing farm equipment.

To find out more about our company, please watch our video, Help Mountain Spirit Herbal Company Get A Tractor!


Denise Joy is a fourth generation herbalist whose education was begun by her great-grandmother Fanny at age 8. The knowledge she gained through books and self-teaching has been augmented by studying with Auntie Margaret in Hawaii and Loren Cruden in Washington State. She is available for herbal consultations to the community and customers. For 31 years she has owned and operated Mountain Spirit Herbals, a company which specializes in herbal products. She makes, grows and wildcrafts much of the company’s product. She regularly offers opportunities to local at-risk youth to learn herbal potions. She has had over 75 apprentices and taught throughout Washington State and the Pacific Northwest.

Consultations available by request, fees on a sliding scale.

Click here to watch an interview with Denise by Quynn Elizabeth Fynn of Earth Tribe TV (4:02 minutes).

See us at the 2016 Summer Craft Fairs

Come see us at our yurt in Port Townsend, Washington
Call for an appointment: 360-385-4491
Closed Sundays and holidays

April ’til December (before Winter Solstice)
Saturday Farmer’s Market
Port Townsend, WA (Uptown)

Memorial Day Weekend
Northwest Folklife Festival
Seattle, WA

July 8, 9 & 10
Oregon Country Fair
Veneta (Eugene), Oregon—Booth #382

Sometime early- to mid-October
Okanogan Family Faire
Outside Tonasket, WA