Lomatium and Echinacea

Lomatium and Echinacea

Today while I was at the dentist for a cleaning my hygienist and I talked about Covid vaccines among other things, as one does when seated in a dentist’s chair. We then began to discuss the herb Echinacea.

My hygienist had her first Covid vaccine about two weeks ago, and today or tomorrow she's going for her second round. After her first vaccine she experienced headaches and fatigue for about 26 hours and then it stopped. Where Echinacea comes in is it boosts the immune system. So we both got to thinking maybe it would help with the symptoms from the vaccine.


Echinacea’s superpower is boosting the immune system. I have found this to be especially effective for people who work with the public as well as students to help keep them from getting sick.

During these uncertain times of the pandemic, I find it to be an invaluable herb to give my immune system a boost  included with all of the other precautions like wearing a mask, washing my hands, and using my hand sanitizer which I do on a daily basis to keep myself, my family, and others I may come in contact with healthy.

As an Herbal practitioner I prefer to help with the prevention of illness rather than the symptoms of an illness. In my daily routine I drink green tea and mountain spirit herbal teas. In the winter months I drink either winter root or herbal chai, most days. But I also like the Herbal vita-mint as a lighter choice. I add tinctures to my tea as way of ingesting without the alcohol flavor.

Echinacea  and also Lomatium, are taken for 3 days a week. The rest of my herbs are taken for 6 days and I take Sundays off as my “herbal rest day”.

Lomatium is an antiviral herb. I have found with the few Covid patients I have worked with, that using Lomatium  may have kept them out of the hospital.

Echinacea Angustifolia Tincture, made from fresh herbs, is taken it three to six times a day, 10 to 25 drops each time, for three consecutive days.

Lomatium Dissectum Tincture, also made with fresh herbs, is used by taking 10 to 25 drops once a day for 3 consecutive days a week as a preventative, and 3 to 4 times a day for viral illness.

Stay safe and stay healthy,

Denise Joy


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