Winter has come to Port Townsend

Winter has come to Port Townsend

Well, winter has finally come to Port Townsend. The frost has given the gardens a chance to sleep and the wood stoves are hot. So what do I do? I burn my finger putting wood in the stove!

Ouch, that hurt!

My first defense is cold running water or ice. Then I use a bit of aloe vera from my plant growing on the windowsill. Next, I either reach for the sliver nitrate from the doctors at the burn clinic, which I keep in the fridge, or lavender essential oil, as both work well on burns.

The lavender essential oil is a key element in my herbal First Aid Kit. Most of us have little daily events happen that need attention so having a First Aid Kit in the house is important. For day to day challenges or occasional events, with your own First Aid Kit, you’re ready.

I have small kits stashed all over the farm for small events. I also have a big one, with everything I can think of ready in case of a larger injury of health challenge.

Having a family First Aid Kit is important. Most of what is in my kit is made from herbs and plants from around my farm and garden since nature is good at providing for most all of my needs.

Who knows when the next storm or even an earthquake will hit! Sports injuries too, can be helped from a home First Aid Kit. Are you or your family ready?

Get your own personal herbal First Aid Kit ready and on hand for you and your loved ones. In an emergency you’ll know just what to do!

Partridgeberry's ripe fruit forms from a pair of flowers showing the two markings on each berry, this is unique and distinctive with this plant of the Madder family, Rubiaceae.

A Native to North American plant, it has been us by the indigenous people who used partridgeberry as an emmenagogue, astringent, diuretic, and styptic. Squaw vine, an early name for this plant is also useful in easing menstrual cramps, helping with labor pains and ease of delivery. Truly a woman’s friend, topically partridgeberry can be used as a wash for sore nipples during breast-feeding.


Photo: Is partridge berry edible? /photo by Denise Joy 12/2014


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  • Darlisa Black

    Hey sis, I really enjoy your blog and just wanted to let you know.
    Partridgeberry! I am not familiar with that… I thought it first fuzzy glance it was wintergreen!
    I just remembered it was a silver nitrate cream that David had a bad reaction to when he burned the bottoms of both of his feet on the geothermal rock. The fresh aloe vera is what healed him up that time.

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