All Herb Tinctures


Tinctures are a concentrated form of herbs in an alcohol base, mainly for internal use. They are easily assimilated by the body, and are very convenient — good in almost any situation. Tinctures come in 1 oz. or 4 oz. dropper bottles with instructions for use.  

  Birth Alert, California Poppy, Cayenne, Chaste Tree Berry, Cohoshes, Crampbark, Cramp-Ease, Elderberry, Elecampane Blend, Elecampane Root, Ephedra, Goldenseal Root, Hawthorn Berry, Heartache, Horm Norm, Kick Ass, Licorice Root, Lion Strength, Lobelia, Lomatium, Male Toner, Medusa’s Hair, Menopause, Milk Thistle Blend, Motherwort, Nervine, Osha Root, Poke Root, Repro-Toner, Sage, Shepherd’s Purse, Snot Not, Under Pressure, Valerian Root, Weight Off, Wild Yam Root, and Yarrow Flowers