Mountain Spirit Herbal Co

yurt at Mountain Spirit HerbalsWe think growing our herbs is as important as growing our food. Here at Mountain Spirit we grow lots of the products used in our oils, balms and tinctures, and also a few of our dry herbs.

When we produce our products, almost everything is processed for at least six weeks. Most herbs are fresh—especially with our oils and balms—and we often make them super-concentrated by double infusing our plant material. We do not standardize any of our mixes, allowing the plants to gift us with their full beneficial properties. All our products are made in
very small amounts, always as fresh as we can make it.

Come visit us at our workshop at the yurt in Port Townsend, our local Farmer’s Market, some of the craft fairs, or online. We love hearing from you and look forward to serving you.

I still have to supplement my harvest with high-quality herbs organically grown by other farmers, or wildcrafted both in our local region and elsewhere.