100% Natural Fiber Brooms

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Scheumack Broom Company uses only “broom corn” and sassafras or bass wood handles (unpeeled). These are the finest brooms I have ever used. Not only are they functional but they are also a work of art and come in natural, rusty brown or black. It was considered good luck to give a new broom to a newly-married couple and bad luck to bring an old broom into a new home.

Kid’s* – 3' 6"      

Kitchen* – 4' 6"

Turkey Wing – 13" x 9"      

Whisk – 13" x 6"

Witch's Broom - 4'6"

*Shipping charge for long-handled brooms: USPS charges + 10% handling.


Denise Joy, sole proprietor of Mountain Spirit Herbals LLC, has owned this small herbal company since 1985.